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Excise (Abkari) Department
Government Of Sikkim

Comprehensive checklist of all Nocs/Permission Approval to be obtained by New investors/Industrials Units

1. Name of Department Excise(Abkari) Department Government Of Sikkim Gangtok
2. Approval/Permission/NOC to be obtained by new investors/Industrial Units License to manufacture alcoholic liquor, import/export/ sale transport
3 Application Form(Blank as well sample completed form) D- I &
B – I
(See chapter – 2) Rule- 3 at annexure III & IV for license
4 List of Enclosures(Checklist)
  1. Deed of partnership, if any
  2. Copies of Articles of Memorandum of Association
  3. List of shareholders
  4. Copy of Latest Balance sheet
  5. Name & Address of the Director, Managing Agents, Managers, Officers defined in section 2 of the companies Act, 1956
  6. A copy of Board resolution relevant to the application
  7. Purpose for which the manufactory is proposed to be opened specifying the nature of business which they applicant desires to carry on therein
  8. Name of the place in which the site on which and building in which the manufacturing is to be set up
  9. Number and full description of the stills, vats and other permanent apparatus which the applicant wishes to install and size and capacity thereof
  10. Date of commissioning of the manufactory in the event of a license being granted
5 Fees, if any, and mode of payment  Processing fees is not required. After obtaining approval of the government, fee is charged based on types of license through challan
6 Nodal Officer, Designation Contact number Commissioner, Excise(Abkari) Department 94340-21367(M) 03592-203963(O)
7 Time limit for giving approval/permission/NOC No time limit is fixed as it need Government approval.
8. Department website details