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Sikkim Precision Industries Ltd.

The Sikkim Precision Industries Ltd. (SPIL), Boomtar - Namchi, was first conceived during March 1998, when the Chief Minister desired that a project be identified and established at Namchi for the industrial development of South & West Sikkim and for providing gainful employment to the people of these districts. Consequently, a high tech. project suitable for Sikkim was identified and it was decided to establish the new Public Sector Company to undertake the project. Thus the Sikkim Precision Industries Ltd. (SPIL) was set up with MD, SITCO being appointed as its managing director and given the overall task of implementing the project.

Thus the Sikkim Precision Industries Ltd. (SPIL) was inaugurated in December ,2001. The total cost for the project was Rs. 369.48 lakhs.The industry has provided employment to the people of Sikkim and now has a 102 employees, which will increase in the forth coming years.

The Sikkim Precision Industried Ltd. produces TO - 202 package power devices and has an installed capacity of 100 lakhs per annum. Its expected capacity utilization (production) is 100%

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